The Samaritan Foundation portion of FDSF fosters hope and reformation in children, youth, singles, and vulnerable families by prescribing the multitude of counsel by God’s Word through crisis intervention programs such as seminars, conventions, family education, marriage conferences and symposia.

We are dedicated to helping the less fortunate, especially vulnerable children, youth, and families.

Organize high-impact medical and dental outreaches.

Extend God’s hands and feet through the Church of Jesus Christ to feed, teach and serve vulnerable children displaced by war or orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Support at risk individuals and families.

Mobilize dominion prayers for youth, singles, families, and every individual.

Compassionately respond in a holistic manner to meeting the spiritual, emotional, physical, and educational needs of individuals and families.

Construct schools and farms to support AIDS orphans and entire villages.

Distribute materials such as fertilizers to promote agricultural endeavors.

Send AIDS orphans to school to help break the cycle of HIV.

Give financial support to pay for children’s food, clothing, and medical needs.

Provide sex education and HIV/AIDS prevention workshops to adolescents.

Provide counseling to single mothers, those who are on the verge of divorce or involved in trafficking, child labor, abuse, prostitution, or the other socio-economic problems of their community.

Challenge harmful traditional practices.

Organize seminars, workshops, and lectures aimed at strengthening the family unit.

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