FDSF offers quality education for all.

Here at FDSF we offer after school tutoring programs ranging from
  • homework
  • assistance
  • individualized teachings,
  • advanced studies, and
  • test/exam preps.
Our goal is to help students achieve high grades, work and study habits and also high test scores.
Over the years our highly trained tutors professionally deliver instructions to meet the need of every child. We create a safe and social learning environment that accommodates children with various needs. What we do best is to train every child on to how tackle difficult problems independently.
Here at FDSF, we believe that no child is a failure. With hard work  and great commitment every child is bound to make it.

Currently the team is working on building various schools through out the nation. We also have many events such as

  • Community events for children and parents
  • Back to school drives where children can come and receive free school supplies.
  • Tutoring sessions for both fall and summer courses

With your support, we believe that your child’s area of weakness will become an area of strength for him or her and together we will see them soar high academically


Monday -Thursday (4;30-7:00pm)

Friday By Appointment

4901 Tesla Drive, Bowie MD 20715

For more info call 301-257-2118